Ultimate Welding System


High Amperage Alternator & Welder Details

  • Permanent repairs on up to 3/4" steel!"
  • ARC weld, MIG weld and TIG weld JUST ABOVE ENGINE IDLE!
  • Charge your battery!
  • Run power equipment such as grinders, drills, saws and incandescent lights!
  • Proven track record of reliability and improvements since 1979!

Premier Power Welder, the Ultimate Under Hood Welding System

Complete systems starting at $1299.95

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Easy installation the Premier Power Welder System on any 12-volt negative-ground vehicle. Simply replace the factory alternator with our specially hand-wound, high-performance high-output alternator unit, mounting the control box, and connecting only six wires within the Premier package.

Standard mounting for the throttle control is under the hood. For mounting inside a service body or in the rear of a van, simply order an extension harness/ throttle.

The design of the Premier Power Welder has an exceptional track record since 1979. Proven in all phases of use, it is designed to be simple, reliable, and functional with no unnecessary gauges, dials, and lights. The Premier Power Welder Control Box is backed by a one-year warranty.

Premier Heavy Duty performance alternators deliver premium battery charging power, high output amps for continuous-duty welding, and 115 volts DC power supply.

The high-frequency pulsating current created by the PREMIER POWER WELDER allows you to weld with 2/3 the amperage that a conventional welder requires.

PREMIER IS AN ESSENTIAL TOOL for off-road, maintenance, utility, farm, construction, and rescue vehicles.