Learn to Weld DVD by Rick Russell & Michael Vanvakaris

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Welding tips and instructions hosted by Rick Russell & Michael Vanvakaris

Perfect for novice welders
Highlights and refreshers for experienced welders
ARC, MIG & TIG welding techniques

Experienced welding instructor Michael Vanvakaris teaches Rick Russell (a well known off-roader with just enough experience and information to be dangerous!!) exactly how to weld the right way using the versatile Premier Power Welder. The interaction between them keeps the video on a practical level and holds the attention of both the first-time novice and experienced welder alike. Our “Learning To Weld” video assumes the viewer has little or no welding knowledge and begins with the basics on the safety equipment needed.  Once the safety gear is reviewed, Michael explains to Rick and the viewers (that’s you!) how to tell the difference between a “good” and “bad” weld. Then it’s on to preparation, electrode types (rods), striking an ARC and welding patterns. This video is full of examples, including viewing actual welding patterns through a helmet filter. You will get to see firsthand the endless benefits of owning an underhood welder. It can be mounted under the hood of your 4-wheeler or in the back of your utility truck!

Topics Include:

  • Safety equipment needed
  • Types of welding electrodes and how to use them
  • Preparing the materials to be welded
  • Using the Premier Power Welder to “Arc Weld”
  • Connecting and controlling the welding current
  • Proper welding position
  • Striking an arc the easy way
  • Weld bead patterns
  • Tips to better welding
  • Overhead and vertical welding
  • MIG and TIG welding processes
  • Field repair techniques
  • Charging a battery in less than five minutes
  • Using the 115V DC power outlet for power tools
  • Hosted by Rick Russell & Michael Vanvakaris
  • 104 minutes - DVD -2004