Bun Trail Welder - Battery Powered Welder

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This is a portable wire-feed flux core welder powered by two 12v batteries, or one 24v battery (batteries NOT included).  This welder does not require the Premier Power Welder system.



  • Flux core wire-feed
  • Wire speed adjustment knob
  • Spool motor control trigger
  • Hooks up to two 12v batteries, or one 24v battery (NOT included)
  • Can weld stinger positive, so that you can weld on your own vehicle!
  • Does not require a Premier Power Welder system

NOTE: Stinger is always hot!  Trigger is for spool motor only!


Included with purchase:

  • One spool gun with 9ft lead
  • One 2lb flux cored wire (preinstalled in gun)
  • One 8ft ground cable
  • One 2ft jumper cable
  • 2 Extra tips


We recommend a pelican style box to store the Bun Trail Welder, because it is absolutely crucial to keep the flux core wire dry.  Harbor Freight carries the Apache 3800 Weatherproof Protective Case (SKU# 63927) that fits the Bun Trail Welder.  Please note that we are not affiliated with Harbor Freight, Pelican, or any other case brand, we're only offering these suggestions to help protect your purchase.